Repairs and modifications


Lone Star Guitars offers a variety of repairs and modifications for many types of fretted (and fretless!) instruments. Some examples are shown below. Listed prices are ballpark figures only. Send me an email (preferably including pictures) and I’ll send you a quote (free of any obligations).


A tele body after refinishing

Examples of repairs and modifications

  • Full setup of guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, etc.
  • Finishing and refinishing of many types of instruments
  • Fret levelling, crowning, polishing
  • Refretting
  • Complete restorations
  • Modification of electronics and pickups
  • Replacing tuners, bridges and other hardware
  • And much more.

Almost anything is possible. Please contact me if you have a repair, modification or restoration project.



Does your guitar not play as well as you’d like it to? Does it produce fret buzz or dead notes? Is the action too low or too high for your taste? In that case, your guitar probably needs a setup job.

A full setup includes a check and (if needed) adjustment of:

  • The string action at the bridge
  • The string action at the nut
  • The neck relief (bow)
  • Intonation
  • Pickup height
  • Fret and fretboard condition (if a fret level is needed, this is not included)
  • And more

For guitars and basses, I use fixed prices (new strings, if needed, not included).

Guitar setup (non-tremolo): €40
Guitar setup (tremolo): €50
Guitar setup (Floyd Rose): €60

Bass setup: €45

I (re)finish all kinds of instruments with different kinds of lacquers, depending on your preferences. The most common finishes I do are either oil based finishes or nitrocellulose finishes. Other options are polyeurethane, acrylic and polyester.

The costs greatly depends on the type of finish (satin or high gloss), the lacquer, the condition of the instrument (i.e. the need for repairs prior to refinishing), etc.

Prices: starting at €240 for a guitar body (nitrocellulose) / €120 for a guitar neck.

A typical solid color high gloss nitrocellulose finish will cost around €260.

I level frets on all types of fretted instruments, ranging from guitars and basses to banjo’s and mandolins. After levelling, I will recrown and polish the frets. The guitar will need a full setup after levelling, which is included in the price for the fret level job. Prices depend on the type of instrument, the fretboard type (regular or compound radius) and the number of frets.

Prices: starting at €140 for guitars (including setup).

As mentioned above, nearly anything is possible. The prices listed below are simply an approximation. Please contact me for a free quote.

Refret (guitar/bass): starting at €200
Fretted to fretless conversion: starting at €120
Making a new pickguard: starting at €40 (including materials)
Replacing tuners: starting at €20 (excluding tuners)
Replacing pickups: starting at €20 (excluding pickups)

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